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Client Testimonials

Julie is a terrific consultant who has the uncanny ability to understand the business situation and formulate very strategic and creative solutions. She knows how business operates in the real world and comes up with excellent plans. —Jim Fitzwater, Manager, Corporate Communications, FMC Corporation

Julie has demonstrated the project flexibility that clients expect, directing Tuck teams in complex assignments for Fortune 500 clients in China, Southeast Asia and the U.K.  She has that rare ability to "pick up and go" to a new location with a new project, a new consulting team and a new culture with a new client and provide on-time delivery of deliverables that exceed client expectations. —John Owens, Director, Tuck Global Consultancy; Center for International Business; Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Julie helped us understand what we needed and better define our goals for the project. Then she worked relentlessly to ensure the process and outcome met our every need and expectation. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome – we got actionable advice supported by meaningful information and analysis. —Paul Morris, Director of Operations, Lumigen (division of Beckman Coulter)

Julie is an excellent facilitator who understands business strategies and team dynamics. She challenges groups and teams to articulate the fundamental principals that drive their business and to explore new strategies. Julie is a hands-on business partner who is both positive and productive. —Dave Simcox, Owner, Abita Enterprises

I invited Julie Lang to consult with me on refining and refocusing my vision and growth strategy. Julie asked probing questions, helped me identify obstacles and opportunities that I hadn’t dared to confront on my own, and brought much-needed clarity and insight to our discussions. She is an exceptional listener, a perceptive strategist, and an open thinker. —Beth Noymer Levine, Principal, SmartMouth Communications

She is a strong project manager and is very skilled at developing the relevant analyses and then building the report document that delivers the key messages. She always brings key insights and observations to our discussions. Her ability to communicate across all levels in an organization is a real asset. —David Hurwitz, President, Garnett Consulting

Julie is an outstanding advisor, mentor and coach.  Under Julie's guidance the Tuck team quickly grasped our strategic needs, aligned the project and began executing. Her presence kept the team focused while allowing them to generate thought capital and own the deliverables.  The result was an actionable and concise intelligence packet that really enabled our decision making. —Michaelangelo Monteleone, Product Development Merchant, The Home Depot




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